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Public Services

Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.  (Rainbow Lodge)

The original Rainbow Lodge opened in the summer of 1976 in order to address the healing needs of Wikwemikong.  In the 1974-76 period, several suicides and attempted suicides received national attention and brought a sense of urgency to the community.  In early 1990 a reorganization of the organizational structure and a new facility were planned through a series of workshops.  The Chief and Council, Rainbow Lodge staff, along with representative stakeholders, formulated a program and design reconstruction proposal for the Prevention, Treatment, and Aftercare Programs.  A vision and mission statement for the facilities had been developed. The main units are Prevention, Treatment and Aftercare along with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services

In January of 1991, Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services was incorporated.  In January 1992, Cockburn Island (now Zhiibaahaasing First Nation) joined in 2004, Wikwemikong Child and Family Services was amalgamated with Kina. As part of their mandate, Kina is responsible for providing services that reflect child welfare matters, striving for the enhancement and maintenance of care for our children, family and communities.  Kina Gbezhgomi works jointly with the Children’s Aid Society to ensure that appropriate services are provided.

Enaadmaagehjik (Wikwemikong Development Commission)

Services include, LDM Training and Employment training program, business development, employment and training development, tourism, community planning, apprenticeship and the Youth Walk the Path Program.  The W.D.C. is a non-profit corporation and is a band empowered entity which is mandated to coordinate the economic development of the Wikwemikong Reserve, functioning independently of band administration.

Wii ni n’guch-tood Local Delivery Mechanism

The Wii-ni n’guch-tood LDM is an employment and training funding source for Wikwemikong band members and employers.  Programs for band members include the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) program, Course Purchase, Mobility Assistance, and Training Allowances.  Services include a client resource area, resume forwarding, automated job bank, and job bulletin board.  Employers are eligible for project based, training and employment subsidies.

Administration Office

Consists of council chambers that doubles for court proceedings, Ontario Works, library, lands and estates membership, housing, tech unit, Child and Welfare, and land claims.

Senior Citizens

A Senior Citizen Drop-In-Centre, known as the Amikook Centre was donated to the Senior Citizens of Wikwemikong in 1985.  From here support programs run for Seniors who need assistance in meals and transportation.

Nursing Home

Incorporated as a separate board and functions independently of Band Administration.  A 60 - bed nursing home staffed by two nurses and 52 support persons services the native population of the whole island as well as the North Shore.

Health Centre

Opened in July 1988, this modern, well-equipped building is able to address any community health or clinic concern.  It includes mental health services, dental services and bi-weekly chiropractor and optometrist services.  With its medicine lodge, it also caters to the needs of the traditional healers on the reserve.  The long-term care facility was completed in 1998.

Hub Centre

Opened in June 1990, this facility provides day care services for children at the age of 2, and Nursery School for children between the ages of 3 and 4.  This centre also provides other services for the reserve children and parents such as the toy library.


The Association for Community Living opened their doors in 1989 and offer services to developmentally and physically handicapped adults.  Programs, such as the Day program which offers life skills and recreational activities.

Wasse Abin Youth Centre

The Youth program began in 1993 and building was officially open in July 1994.  In 2001, the Recreation Program was created and provides services and events for all ages.  In July 2005 the Youth Centre completed the building expansion.  The space houses a gym for volley ball, basket ball, etc activities, fitness centre and meeting room for youth programming.

Tribal Police Office

The Tribal Police building Official Opened in August 2006.  The Wikwemikong Tribal Police signed a Stand Alone Policing Agreement in January 1994.  The service is accountable to the community through the Wikwemikong Police Services Board.  The mission of the Wikwemikong Tribal Police is to deliver a Community Based Policing Service.  The Service will discharge its duties in a manner sensitive to and consistent with the needs, customs, culture and rights of the Community.

The Police Service presently has ten constables, and a Chief of Police.  Wikwemikong Tribal Police staff also includes two full time clerk-stenos, five auxiliary constables, and six part time guards.  Some of the constables have received specialized training in areas of Marine Operation, Breathalyser Technician, Sexual Assault Investigations, Snow Vehicle Operation, Community Services and Criminal Investigations.