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Public Services

Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.  (Rainbow Lodge)

The original Rainbow Lodge opened in the summer of 1976 in order to address the healing needs of Wikwemikong.  In the 1974-76 period, several suicides and attempted suicides received national attention and brought a sense of urgency to the community.  In early 1990 a reorganization of the organizational structure and a new facility were planned through a series of workshops.  The Chief and Council, Rainbow Lodge staff, along with representative stakeholders, formulated a program and design reconstruction proposal for the Prevention, Treatment, and Aftercare Programs.  A vision and mission statement for the facilities had been developed. The main units are Prevention, Treatment and Aftercare along with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services

In January of 1991, Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services was incorporated.  In January 1992, Cockburn Island (now Zhiibaahaasing First Nation) joined in 2004, Wikwemikong Child and Family Services was amalgamated with Kina. As part of their mandate, Kina is responsible for providing services that reflect child welfare matters, striving for the enhancement and maintenance of care for our children, family and communities.  Kina Gbezhgomi works jointly with the Children’s Aid Society to ensure that appropriate services are provided.

Enaadmaagehjik (Wikwemikong Development Commission)

Services include, LMS Training and Employment training program, business development, employment and training development, tourism, community planning, apprenticeship and the Youth Walk the Path Program.  The W.D.C. is a non-profit corporation and is a band empowered entity which is mandated to coordinate the economic development of the Wikwemikong Reserve, functioning independently of band administration.

Wii ni n’guch-tood Labour Market Services

The Wii-ni n’guch-tood LMS is an employment and training funding source for Wikwemikong band members and employers.  Programs for band members include the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) program, Course Purchase, Mobility Assistance, and Training Allowances.  Services include a client resource area, resume forwarding, automated job bank, and job bulletin board.  Employers are eligible for project based, training and employment subsidies.

Administration Office

Consists of council chambers that doubles for court proceedings, Ontario Works, library, lands and estates membership, housing, tech unit, Child and Welfare, and land claims.

Senior Citizens

A Senior Citizen Drop-In-Centre, known as the Amikook Centre was donated to the Senior Citizens of Wikwemikong in 1985.  From here support programs run for Seniors who need assistance in meals and transportation.

Wikwemikong Nursing Home

The Wikwemikong Nursing Home (WNH) is a 59 bed facility established in 1972 and provides respite and long term residential care to the Elderly and others who are in need. WNH is known to provide holistic care and is respectful of and incorporates customs and traditions in daily operations and end of life care. The Nursing Home is legally organized as a non-profit corporation and since 2009 has been governed by a Board of Directors with an elected Chair and four Board members.

Wikwemikong Nursing Home
Contact Person: Cheryl Osawabine-Peltier, Administrator
2281 Wikwemikong Way, PO Box 114
Wikwemikong P0P 2J0
Phone: (705) 859-3107
Fax: (705) 859-2057

Description: The Wikwemikong Nursing Home focuses on the provision of individualized care that respects, supports and enables residents to be as independent as possible. The scope of services that we provide include 24 hour nursing & personal care; nutritional care; recreation & leisure services; environmental services; resident centered care and rehabilitative services.

NAANDWECHIGE-GAMIG Wikwemikong Health Centre

On July 11th, 1988 the NAANDWECHIGE-GAMIG Wikwemikong Health Centre opened its doors to the community. In 1994, Health Canada transferred most of the services to Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve (WUIR). Vision: Wholistic well-being of the community. Mission: To provide access of all opportunities of traditional and western health care to the community. All services provided at the Health Centre can be provided in both Anishnabemowin and English language to serve all members of the community. Services and programs include, Children's Services Ages 0 – 6, Waasa Naabin Community Youth Services Centre, Nadmadwin Mental Health, Primary Health Care, Medical Transportation, Long Term Care/Home and Community Care (building, 1998), and the Medicine Lodge.

NAANDWECHIGE-GAMIG Wikwemikong Health Centre
Contact Person: Mary Jo Wabano, Health Services Director
16A Complex Drive, P.O. Box 101
Wikwemikong, ON P0P 2J0
Phone: (705) 859-3164
(705) 859-3166 Toll-free: 1-866-968-3872
Fax: (705) 859-3300

Description: Providing services and programs delivered by health care professionals.

Hub Centre

Opened in June 1990, this facility provides day care services for children at the age of 2, and Nursery School for children between the ages of 3 and 4.  This centre also provides other services for the reserve children and parents such as the toy library.

Community Living Wikwemikong Anishinabek (CLWA)

CLWA offers 3 programs for adults with developmental delay/disabilities: Group Living, Community Participations and Supported Independent Living.

Wasse Naabin Community Youth Services Centre

The Waasa Naabin Community Youth Services Centre is mandated to promote healthy youth, family and community environments in which all community members can thrive through culturally appropriate, community-based programs. In addition the Youth Centre program encompasses their services within the nine Wikwemikong Community Health Plan Goals.

• To support the complete physical, emotional, spiritual well-being of the people and to promote community action and a sense of belonging.
• Its focus is community participation, information sharing, recreation and social activities.
• The Waasa Naabin Community Youth Services Centre has been created to support community members in their personal growth and development.
• It is committed to delivering programs that will improve communications and enhance self-esteem, mutual respect, and community responsibility.
• It is dedicated to the demonstration of community pride, accomplishment, and the expression of the community's unique cultural identity.
• To develop a service plan that reflects a culturally appropriate community-based development approach.
• To coordinate community-based programs and services in conjunction with other agencies where possible.
• To provide leadership and support to a team of youth service providers.
• To provide a central facility to accommodate the social and recreational needs of the community at large.
• To identify the service social and recreational gaps as seen from the youth and community perspectives.
• To evaluate the effectiveness of Waasa Naabin programming and to recommend improvements as required.

Contact Information:

Lawrence Enosse, Brighter Futures Manager
11 A Debajehmujig Lane
Wikwemikong Ontario
(P) 705-859-3597 (F) 705-859-3300 (E) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Program Descriptions:
Waasa Naabin Community Youth Services Centre provides program delivery to promote wellness and to educate the youth on making healthier choices. The four components of program delivery are included on a regular basis through workshops and daily activity:
• Recreation and Leisure.
• Cultural Awareness.
• Mental Health Awareness.
• Health and Wellness.
• Right To Play


Wikwemikong Tribal Police Office

The Tribal Police building officially opened in August 2006. The Wikwemikong Tribal Police signed a Stand Alone Policing Agreement in January 1994. The service is accountable to the community through the Wikwemikong Police Services Board. The mission of the Wikwemikong Tribal Police is to deliver a Community Based Policing Service. The Service will discharge its duties in a manner sensitive to and consistent with the needs, customs, culture and rights of the community.

The Police Service presently has eleven constables, one Community Service Officer, two Sergeants, one Administrative Sergeant & two Detective Sergeants and a Chief of Police. Wikwemikong Tribal Police staff also includes an admin court clerk, an admin clerk/receptionist, 2 data processors/transcribers, one special constable, six auxiliary constables, and eight part time guards. Some of the uniformed staff have received specialized training in areas of Marine Operation, Breathalyzer Technician, Sexual Assault Investigations, Snow Vehicle Operation, Community Services and Criminal Investigations.

Wikwemikong Tribal Police
Contact Person: Chief Gary Reid 2074 Wikwemikong Way
Wikwemikong P0P 2J0
Phone: (705) 859-3141 Toll-free: 1-888-684-1136
Fax: (705) 859-2656
Website: hyperlink to http://www.wikipolice.com/

The Wikwemikong Police Service Board Corporation is responsible for the overall development and policy of the Wikwemikong Police Service.

Peace-keeping and Protection for the community.

Emergency Call: 911
Non-Emergency After Hours: 1-888-310-1122

Also staying connected with the community by being involved in youth programs, making visits to the schools and informing students about various topics.