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Point Grondine

Point Grondine

Point Grondine has been amalgamated into the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reservation, since 1968.  The Wikwemikong Heritage Organization began an Archaeological and Historical Survey to document the sites and the cultural heritage of the Point Grondine land base.  This first part of this included interviewing elders, and historical literature review.  This was done to get the information about Point Grondine prior to the survey.  The second part is to continue on with the information gathered to perform the survey of Point Grondine. From the information provided by the historical research and interviews with the elders, the survey could commence. 

grondinefaceThe staff appointed to perform the survey were train with ethnographic methods to conduct and record the interview with the elders. Archaeological survey skills and Geographical Information System (G.I.S.), were used to perform on the job to find record, map, and sample sites according to standard methods.  Along with interviews with the elders, band members, and local church records, the research was able aid in the survey of Point Grondine.