Transportation: Roads

There are 188 kilometres of maintained roads within the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. This consists of 54 kilometres of surface-treated roads, 13 kilometres of paved roads, 46 kilometres of gravel roads, and 75 kilometres of earth roads.

Utilities: Power Supply and Distribution

Wikwemikong is serviced by the Ontario, One Grid System. Hydro One (formerly Ontario Hydro) owns and maintains the transmission lines. A three-phase power is supplied to the village area up to John Street. The remaining portions of the reserve are served with a single-phase power. The three-phase power transmission line enters the village proper along the Wikwemikong Way. Another new source of power that’s also being looked into is wind power.

Water Treatment & Distribution

The Wikwemikong Water Treatment Plant treats and distributes water from Smith Bay, located in Georgian Bay. The plant has a maximum production capacity of 30.1 litres per second (approximately equal to 2,600,000 L/day) and an expected life span of 25 years. The treatment process consists of chemically assisted membrane filtration and disinfection. The membrane filtration is done using Zenon’s Zeeweed-650 Ultra filtration membrane Filters. Disinfection is maintained by sodium hypochlorite feed systems. A Granular Activated Carbon Filtration (GAC Filter) system provides additional removal of taste and odour in the water.